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Hello and welcome to the 18th Precint-My Witchblade website and Online Writing Portfolio.Here I have issue reveiws, character profiles, sneak peaks of upcoming issues and a Gallery of images plus my Writing Portfolio of various Witchblade stories I have written





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I really liked this two part story Jenkins/Cha is shaping up well!

Witchblade #40

A mad pyro man goes crazy on the streets of New York with trails of Arson. Sara is back to her work but the Witchblade is freaking out again...-My View-Defianetly one of the best issues of Witchblade in a long time. Sara is actually doing detective work again plus we got death, fire and destrution all in the same issue Woohoo!


Witchblade #41

The mad man gains "fire" power and heads to New York's nuclear power plant to test it. Sara and the Witchblade move to intercept.-My View-My fav cover along with my fav issue both in a long time. Sara is on top of her game and uses the Witchblade to kick some serious ass! Keu Cha is really doing a great job penciling too.