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Battledome Basics


Battledome Basics

Since the war many people have found that using the battledome on neopets is fun and are now interested in becoming great battlers, and I am here to pass on and teach you some tips. First off for those of you who don't know all pets can engage in battles, either with a computer generated opponent or with another user anywhere in the world. Many things are needed for success in the battledome and I will cover them all. First up is weapons.

Weapons are a vital part of your success without weapons your pet will have a very hard time winning and with the wrong weapons your pet may do just as bad. Every set of weapons needs certain things to be effective. First of all you will need at least 2 unlimited use weapons, these will be used for attacking. A shield to protect yourself from enemy attacks and a healing item to help you survive those long and hard battles. There are LOTS of battle items in Neopia so you will have to discover which items work best for you. Their prices range from a few np to millions so anyone's amount of NP has an equal amount of weapons. For a shield I would recommend a silver scorchstone or a leaf shield both work very well. The most effective healing items are scorchstones though they may be expensive they are a real life saver.

The second part of the battledome is stats. These are your statistics that affect how strong you, how well you defend your self, how fast you move, what level you are, and most importantly your amount of life. To increase these stats you can visit the training school on Mystery Island or the Academy on Krawk Island. Stats are very important because even a pet with the best weapons cant win many battles without equally as good of stats. The two most important stats are strength and HP but you should also train your other areas every so often.

The third part of the battledome is strategy. Its important to have a good strategy in order to win battles. One I stick with is using a combinations of abilities and permanent weapons in the first few rounds then attack with limited use items after that. Its important to find a strategy that fits your weapons and stats in order to win.

The fourth and final part of the battledome is luck. Yes, luck is very important in the battledome. Even the best lose sometimes and that's just luck. Many of the things in the battledome are based on luck and ratios so it will always effect the outcome. I hope this helps some new people understand the battledome. Next month I will have a guide into weapons. By Dale (mrsoccer311)