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Hello and welcome to the 18th Precint-My Witchblade website and Online Writing Portfolio.Here I have issue reveiws, character profiles, sneak peaks of upcoming issues and a Gallery of images plus my Writing Portfolio of various Witchblade stories I have written





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This was the last of Randy Green and Christina's work. Next is Jenkins/Cha can't wait!


Witchblade #34

With Eric's help, Sara gains some control over the violent Witchblade. Later, both head to the funeral for the Anya Bronte where Irons and Nottingham are attending. The Something/someone tells her to give in to its desires.-My View-The plot thickens. Level 42 is up to some serious crazy shit and it doesn't look so good for Sara. And why is the Witchblade going so bezerk latly...?

Witchblade #35

Sara attends Anya's wake at the Holy Church of Prosperity dressed in 'yuppie' clothes as she puts it. Later, she has a brief encounter with Nottingham where he tells her about Irons and the defective gem.-My View-Another glimpse at the Witchblade worhiping people what are they doing? Whose side is Ian really on? I felt the penicls were lacking in this issue. And how will the mafia fit into all this...

Witchblade #36

Jackie Estacado aka the Darkness is placed into Sara's protective custody. Cull ambushes the escort and kidnaps Jackie. Sara and FBI agent Carla Denton follow.-My View-Some scenes confused me alot in this issue but overall I felt it was a pretty good issue to set up the Witchblade/ Darkness crossover.

Witchblade #37

Sara faces a 'demon' and enviserates it. Later she meets a man, Tsin-sen and learns more about these demons of the underworld.-My View-We finally see Sara using the Witchblade freely. But the thing that really bugged me was that some stranger walked up to Sara on the street and she went with him! He could have killed her or anything could have happen does the writer actually think it would be the same in the real world???

Witchblade #38

Along with a pair of ninja, Sara faces off with the demons. Jake goes ballistic at the precinct after no one reacts to Sara's abscence.-My View-I really enjoyed the penicls in this issue especially the first page. And what was that thing that Eric had? I guess we'll never know since Jake shot him in the face haha.

Witchblade #39

Sara finally gets some detective work done. She tortures Gallo into confessing to a murder and he is found guilty. That is all.-My View-This issue really came out of no where, but atleast Sara is back to some detective work.