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Hello and welcome to the 18th Precint-My Witchblade website and Online Writing Portfolio.Here I have issue reveiws, character profiles, sneak peaks of upcoming issues and a Gallery of images plus my Writing Portfolio of various Witchblade stories I have written





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Witchblade 55

WITCHBLADE #55 Written by David Wohl, penciled by Francis Manapul, inked by D-Tron, colored by Steve Firchow. As Sara and Jake continue their investigation into the brutal slayings in the mob world, they realize what's behind it all is way more insidious than they thought - especially when their search leads them to the nefarious and deadly assassin known as Tora No Shi. Meanwhile, Nottingham, now separated from Sara, finds comfort in a familiar place. 32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 24. -

Witchblade 56

WITCHBLADE #56 Written by David Wohl, penciled by Francis Manapul, colored by Steve Firchow. The deadly assassin known as Tora No Shi has waited three years for another shot at the one man who survived an encounter with him-Ian Nottingham. And this time, only one of them will make it out alive. Meanwhile, Sara and Jake realize they may not want to know who's really behind the gangland murders they're investigating... 32 pages, $2.50, in stores on May 8.-

Witchblade 57

WITCHBLADE #57 (W) David Wohl (P) Francis Manapul (I) Jason Gorder (C) Steve Firchow Ship Week: July 5 From the pages of Top Cow's Darkness comes the enigmatic and always evil Sonatine. But what does he want with Sara Pezzini and the Witchblade? And could this herald the long-awaited return of Jackie Estacado, the Darkness? We're not talking, but Sonatine will... FC 32 pgs $2.50 ongoing series -