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Little Tips and hints


Little Tips and Hints

When I started out in NP(Neopets) , I started with knowing nothing, one pet,and 50 np(neopoints). I looked at LDS every day for almost a 3 week.{I am what is called a cautious decision maker}. Anyway I then signed up and to tell that truth I have learned alot of tips that I would like to pass on. First off I don't doubt that most of you know these tips that I am going to pass on.But please bare with me and those who don't or didn't know. For the newbie that comes to this world it can mean more if they take the time to read and listen. Starting out is hard and if you have a low income the best thing to do is open up a small shop. Then shop for small things that you can get for couple dollars cheaper. Like me I started with Fish Pops.Bought them for 5-10 dollars from searching on the Wizard.(For those who don't know this by know the Wizard is that cone hat looking thing that is on most pages). So I sold them(Fish Pops) for 14 dollars. Soon a couple dollars turns into 50 then 100 and on up. It may not seem much at first. But we all have to start at the bottom and work our way to the top.(well almost all.:) After you get around 1000 np I suggest that a wise move would be to start buying Scratchcards. Then selling them at a dollar or 2 cheaper than what the Wizard is telling you that the cheapest price is that day. It is good idea to check with the Wizard at least 2 times a day if you have time. This way you are on top of the price increase and decrease.Thus letting you adjust your own prices. After that when you think you are ready.Depends on you and how much money you have made and would like to try your hand with higher priced things. The Faerie's(Example)Light Faerie,Dark Faerie,Fire Faerie and so on ,is probably the next best thing and moving up after that is the Codestones,Books,Stamps, and rare Items. All and all I think this is some pretty great stuff that would help out anyone that wants to be rolling in the money.. But let us not forget that our pets are what we really care about or should.Try to Keep them happy and full if not bloated.. By:1lilbit