Hello and welcome to The LetsGetSerious Newsletter. Here every two weeks we will have new articles, a top 10 that ranks 10 different things, and lost of other fun things.


2/12/03 Just started working on the new issue of the paper-Dale




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">Welcome to the birth of a brand new LetsGetSerious Guild Newsletter and its 1st issue!! I have had some great help from my fellow guild mates with articles and suggestions. And I would like to take this time and say thank you very much too: quackulus, dogy6, niao6, onering_, and especially shadowedtempest for writing some great articles. If anybody else has ideas and suggestions for the site and/or would like to write articles, neomail me at mrsoccer311 or you can reach me at my email address westsidesk8er01@cs.com Also I could really use some art to liven up the site so if you have art you have done that is neopets related email it to me. Thanks and I hope you enjoy-Dale

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