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Hello and welcome to the 18th Precint-My Witchblade website and Online Writing Portfolio.Here I have issue reveiws, character profiles, sneak peaks of upcoming issues and a Gallery of images plus my Writing Portfolio of various Witchblade stories I have written





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I think this picture goes more with the climax of the story but oh well!


The Fire Beneath

Heres the first part of a Witchblade story I started along time ago in a TNT writing contest. I am actually still looking for the original introduction to this but for now I have this.Sara wakes up with blood all over her and a dead girl write next to her could it be the Witchblade or an old enemy??

Witchblade: The Fire Beneath Witchblade: The Fire Beneath Page 1 (Splash Page)-Bedroom Open page with a shot of Sara in bed. In the background the window behind her is open but inked black. Sara is wrapped up in the sheets. Cap1: December 27th, New York City, 3:55 a.m. Cap2: Sara Pezzini has had a rough life. Cap:3From growing up without a father, to becoming a Homicide Detective In the 18th Precinct, to her latest challenge of bearing the Witchblade, A mystical Gauntlet with god like given powers to the strongest woman of an era. Cap3: Sara rarely gets time off and when she received an one week vacation she was very exited. She has had time to relax, but that is about to change... Page 2 (3 Panels)-Bedroom Panel 1 Shot same room as previous panels. Closeup of blood soaked sheets. A dead girl lays at the base of the bed. Panel 2 Close up shot into the cold eyes of the dead woman. Cap1: No, this would not be an ordinary day in the life of Sara. Cap2: But an ordinary day hardly ever comes since she has acquired the Witchblade. Panel 3 Closeup shot of Witchblade going crazy on Sara?s arm Witchblade- "Blood Blood!!" Cap1: Sara was used to blood and death Cap2: But she had never experienced it in her own home-on vacation Page 3-(4 panels) Hall and Kitchen Panel 1 Farback Forward facing. Sara is walking toward reader with blood stained nightgown. Sara- "Dammit what a way to start vacation...with a dead girl in my house" Panel 2 Sara drinking water thinking about what may have happened with open door visible Sara- "Could it have been a setup? Maybe by someone I put in jail years ago. Or maybe the Witchblade was involved" Panel 3 Close up of the back or Sara's head. Sara is looking out open door and something has caught her eye. Sara- "Why'd I leave that door open. I mine as well invite all the creeps from New York on in. And what is that-" Panel 4 Sara kneeling over to pickup necklace with a triangular pendant found on the outside of door. Sara- "A necklace eh? Atleast I have something to go from." Page 4 (2 Panels)-Hall, Bedroom Panel 1 Sara again walking through hall to bedroom coming toward reader. Sara has the necklace in hand. Shadow of person is behind Sara completely black. Sara- "I wonder what this thing symbolizes. I can see a girl having a heart or a dolphin but why a triangle..." Panel 2 Shot of man with shadow covering his face giving advice to Sara. Man- "Why don't you check the girls wallet?" Page 5 (3 Panels) Panel 1 (large) Ian Nottingham in doorway. Sara on knees turned around and startled. Sara- "Christ! Ian like I need anymore surprises tonight how'd you get in here?" Ian- "The back door was open..." Sara- "You know I had a feeling you were behind this Nottingham a regular crook would have atleast stole something, or closed the door..." Ian- "Are you going to sit there and blame me or check the wallet?" Panel 2 Closeup shot of open wallet with burnt triangle. Panel 3 Sara and Ian talking Sara- "Hey Ian whatda ya make of this?" Ian- "Looks like a triangle sherlock." Sara- "I found an identical triangle in the kitchen they most have some meaning... possible sometype of cult" Ian- "Beats me, you bloody Americans are so damn confusing." Page 6 (5 Panels) Panel 1 Shot if Sara relaxed with a confused look on her face. The panel is a medium shot and ends near elbow. Sara- ?Ian, seriously what do you think happened here?? Panel 2 Same shot as previous panel, but now Ian is in panel Ian- ?I don?t have much of an idea. Maybe the Witchblade had something to do with it.? Panel 3 Close up of Sara?s eyes only. Sara- ?I?m sure it wasn?t the Witchblade, it would be laughing its head off by now if it had anything to do with the murder.? Panel 4 Sara facing towards door, beginning to walk out of room. Sara- ?I?m going to check out the rest of the house.? Panel 5 Simple shot of Ian Ian- ?OK, I?ll be here? Page 7 (4 Panels) Panel 1 Large rectangular panel showing Sara in an office. Office contains regular things like a computer and filing cabinets. Many papers and files litter the room and a chair is overturned. Clearly someone was looking for something. Sara- ?Holy Crap!! This person went crazy? Panel 2 Sara standing in front of parallel filing cabinets. The drawers on both are pulled open and papers are in various places. Sara- ?I wonder who they were looking for... God I even had the damn things sorted alphabetically? Panel 3 Small square panel of file folder headed Joey Fayretta with no contents. Panel 4 Sara sitting in office chair starting to sort files. Sara- ?Hey Ian, come in here a minute? Page 8 (4 Panels) Panel 1 Ian still in Sara?s room looking over family pictures of Sara. Ian- ?What?s wrong, did you find the bogeyman?? Panel 2 Back in office. Sara on left of panel Ian in middle with files and papers slewn everywhere. Shot cuts off just below the shoulder of both people. Ian- ?Holy Crap! What went on in here...? Sara- ?That was my reaction...They were obviously looking for someone?s file.? Panel 3 Open Joey Fayretta Folder. Panel 4 Panel shaped like a backwards L or ?_ |? Panel has a closeup of both Sara and Ian with office stuff visible behind them. Sara- ?Do you know anybody by the name of Joey Fayretta?? Ian- ?That kinda rings a bell, I?m not really sure though.? Sara- ?Well, I better go down to the station and report this. Give me a call if you get anything on that name OK?? Ian- ?Sure thing, boss? Page 9 (6 Panels) Panel 1 Sara talking to Ian while he is exiting through front door. Sara- ?Thanks Ian call me later if you figure out who that Joey guy is? Ian- ?OK C-yak Sara? Cap: A Few Minutes Later... Panel 2 Front shot of Sara back in her bedroom. She is changing from her nightgown and has a bra and underwear on. She is running her hand through her hair. Cap:Wait ?til the guys at the station hear about this one. Cap: They?ll probably be laughing for weeks. I can hear ?em now ?Hey Pez, any more dead people been visiting you?? Panel 3 Side profile or Sara sitting on her bed with Witchblade branching out of watch to cover hand. Cap: I hope your enjoying this, its right up your alley-- Cap:--don?t get used to it. Panel 4 Medium sized panel of Sara putting on a maroon sweater over a regular shirt. Panel 5 Small panel with shot of Sara slipping on blue jeans. Panel 6 Panel same size as panel 5. Sara is in front of a mirror applying lipstick. Page 10 (5 Panels) Panel 1 Sara facing door locking it. Behind Sara in the background is a street with cars and kids skateboarding. Cap: No snow in December, thats gotta be a miracle. Panel 2 Shot of Sara walking away from reader. To her left is a bush and her right the street and a street lamp. Panel 3 Side profile of Sara with street sign above her. Sign reads Central Avenue. Sara- ?Ahh, why not take the scenic route down the northwest alley.? Panel 4 Sara turning between two buildings heading into the alley. Wood crates and a trash can are off to the side. Panel 5 Sara Walking towards reader with large shadow behind her. Page 11 (4 Panels) Closeup shot of mugger. He has medium length, black, slicked back hair. He is wearing blue jeans with various holes in them and a tattered white shirt reading ?EGA!? Man- ?Hey sugar, why don?t you make this easy and hand over your money.? Panel 2 Large panel of Sara turned around with her arm out releasing Witchblade tendrils on man Sara- ?I?ve got news for you pal, I?m not that easy of a girl.? Panel 3 Small square showing the man flying through alley. Tendrils are around his neck. Both the man and tendrils are inked black. Panel 4 Man has landed at the other end of the alley on a garbage can which dented upon his impact. Man- ?Jee-zuz! What in God?s name was that!?? Panel 5 Head shot of Sara talking. Look on Sara?s face appears that she is laughing. Sara- ?Lets just say its my off duty protection. Now get the hell out of here before I have to tell my ?Friends? about this? Page 12 (4 Panels) Panel 1 Cut to an establishing shot of an oval room. The room has a long table for discussing business manners and is lit by lots of candels. The wall has a large triangle on it . Many odd looking men dressed in black trenchcoats sircle a large fire in the middle of the room. Top Left Corner Cap: Meanwhile... Worshipper 1- ?The Fire will always represent out lives.? Worshipper 2- ?And using the power of fire we will give an offering to the gods.? Panel 2 Shot of triangle on wall. Panel 3 Man bursting through door. This man is a young white male with blonde hair. He has files in his right hand. Man- ?Boss *pant pant* here is the information you requested. Panel 4 Man who was once circled around the fire not turned around towards man who just entered. This is the boss. Boss is tall whit male with black hair. Boss- ?You idiot, can?t you see were busy!?? Page 13 (5 Panels) Panel 1 Shot of both Boss and Man with files talking. Man- ?But, I got the files you needed? Boss- ?Very well, lem me see them.? Panel 2 Boss holding files in front of his face reading. The top of the papers end at his eyes. Boss- ?Excelent, a job well done Johnathan. After this is all done with I?ll make sure your payed well. Panel 3 The Boss facing towards two of the trench coat wearers. Boss has an evil smile. Boss- ?Laurel, Mark get ready your going to go pay a visit to Joey Fayretta. Panel 4 Boss laughing in an evil way. He is throwing the Joey Fayretta files into the large central fire. Other trenchcoat wearers are seen too. Panel 5 Closing shot of the entire fire room and its people. Page 14 (4 Panels) Opening Shot of Sara in the police station where she works. Police Officers are seen in regular activitys. Doing such things as drinking cofee and questioning criminals. Jake McCarthy is seen in the foreground taking to another officer. Cap: Its an odd feeling when your down at the station. Cap: Especially when your here under such odd circumstances. Cap: I felt the same way when I had to answer questions about my father?s death Cap: Today I am here to see the man who did it--Joe Siry Panel 2 Sara and Jake now talking. Medium shot cutting off at the waist. Sara- ?Hey Jake, I need to ask you something.? Jake- ?You know, I never thought I would see this day.? Sara- ?What day would that be?? Jake- ?The Day that Sara Pezzini comes in on her day off.? Panel 3 Closeup of Sara with mad look on her face. Sara- ?Cut the crap, wheres Siry?? Panel 4 Jake somewhat laughing pointing to the right. Jake- ?Chill it Pez I was just kidding...Joe?s in his office. Page 15 (6 Panels) Panel 1 Joe Siry sitting in his office filling out a criminal report. His head is down. Angle of view is to the side so Sara is on the left opening the door and Joe is at his desk on the right. Cap: Joe had long been my father?s partner. Cap: But one day Kenneth Irons forced Joe to kill my Dad Cap: I have followed in my Father?s footsteps and now Joe is my Boss Cap: Its odd to think the man in front of me took my Father away from me Panel 2 Joe now looking up from his writing talking to Sara. Joe- ?Pezzini what brings you in here on your vacation?? Sara- ?Joe we need to talk something--happened...? Joe- ?What kind of something?? Did you lose your badge again!!? Panel 3 Large panel of Sara telling Joe about what happened in the house Sara- ?This is more serious...? Joe- (Off Panel) ?Ok I am listening? Sara- ?This morning I woke up around 4 am and I...found a dead girl at the base of my bed. It was pretty, bad laserations around the neck she was killed pretty brutally.? Sara- ?When I was in my kitchen I found this...? Panel 4 Small Square showing Triangle Pendant on gold chain previously found on Page 3. Panel 5 Wide panel showing Sara seated in front of Joe both in office chairs. Sara now has the necklace in her hand. Sara- ?I figured it most have some type of meaning. The same shape was burnt in to her wallet. Possibly sometype of cult or a religious group.? Joe- ?Damn Sara I think you have the worst luck in New York...Was Anything Stolen?? Sara- ?No, but my office was destroyed. Files and papers were thrown everywhere. I found an empty folder of Joey Fayretta. There may be otheres that got stolen too though.? Panel 6 Closeup of Joe Joe- ?I?ll have a few officers go back and check your place? Page 16 (4 Panels) Sara standing up to leave office. Sara- ?OK thanks Joe? Panel 2 Shot or Joe?s office door slammed open. Jake is the man in the door and is very frantic about something. Jake- ?Hey Pez you got your badge?!? Sare - ?Ya Why?? Jake- ?Just came in on the squackbox a car bomb just rammed the JK Building in Manhattan? Panel 3 Shot of a white van with no windows driving down the street. we have a BEF and are able to see all the trafic around the van. Cap: 10 Minutes earlier. Panel 4 Now looking inside the van. Shot is taken as if looking through front window. A young mexican-american woman is driving the van. She has dark brown hair. She is dressed in a black trenchcoat. On the passenger side is a white male with bleached hair. His hair is spiked up. He is also wearing a black trench coat. This is Mark. Laurel- ?So are you ready Mark?? Mark- ?As ready as I?ll ever be? Page 17 (3 Panels) Panel 1 Side profile of van headed towards large builing. This panel take up most of the page. Panel 2 Small square panel with shot under the van. Here we see many wires connecting to explosives. Panel 3 This panel takes the rest of the page. The shot looks to be taken from atop the van. People are diving out of the way of the van as it is about to hit the JF building. Page 18 Full Page shot In this Panel the van with Laurel and Mark has now hit the building. A huge explosion has insued and debris is flying everywhere Page 19 (4 Panels) Panel 1 Inside car shot of Sara and Jake in the police car with siren on. Jake is criving. They are racing towards JF building. Smoke from the explosion can be seen in the horizon. Sara- ?What a city we live in Jake, who would ever do something like this?? Jake- ?You got me...have you ever heard of this building its called the JF building...? Sara- ?No havent heard of it? Panel 2 Lareg Panel. Sara walking out of the car heading towards building. The JF builindg has a large hole where the van hit and flames shooting up both sides. The sky around it is very dark grey. Fireman can be seen entering the building. Sara- ?HOLY S#!T? Jake- ?Thats what I was thinking Panel 3 Crane shot. Shot is taken from about 20 feet up looking down at builing. Police cars and fire trucks are visible Panel 4 Back at the ground of the building Sara?s cell phone is ringing. Thats it for part one part two will be posted very soon.-Dale